•  Before starting the route, find out more about it, its degree of difficulty, distance, unevenness, weather, as well as the number of hours of light you will have to complete it.
  • All routes were recorded using a GPS device.
  • The gps files provided are for recreational use. There may be slight differences in distances between the files provided and the measurements made by other gps devices. This may be due to several factors related to the accuracy of the device, surrounding environment or weather conditions.
  • Under no circumstances should you leave the trail. Follow the marks and tracks provided on the gps / maps tracks.
  • Avoid taking the route alone, but if you do, tell someone about what you are going to do and what time you plan to finish it.
  • Take enough food and water. Water is essential, there are not many supply points.
  • Wear clothing and footwear that are appropriate for walking long distances and suitable for the climatic conditions. Footwear is very important, so it should be comfortable and fit for the activity.
  • The use of walking sticks is recommended.
  • Take a small first aid kit with you.
  • Take a cell phone with a fully charged battery, even though there are very isolated areas on the route without coverage. Always take a map.
  • Follow only the signaled paths and obey to prohibitions on the information panels.
  • Respect natural and cultural values: do not disturb the fauna or damage the flora, do not harvest plants, lichens, mushrooms, rocks and minerals.
  • Please do not feed wild animals or cattle.
  • Do not leave any kind of garbage or traces of your passage.
  • Respect private property. If you need to open a gate, always leave them closed after passing. Do not harvest fruits or other products of private ownership.
  • When you encounter a herd of cows, goats or donkeys, keep your distance and do not disturb or scare the animals, especially if there are young or guard dogs.
  • Do not make any kind of fire, avoid smoking. If you smoke, place the cigarette butts in the nearest dustbin.
  • Be friendly to local people, respect their way of life. Noise is also pollution, enjoy the sounds of nature.
  • By consuming local products and using services from local companies you are contributing to local development.
  • Do not offer money or goods to children. If you want to make a donation, contact Saniclau Trails using the contacts available in the brochure.



Waymarked Trails