It is a prestigious and mediatic initiative, to give visibility to the destination in a complementary way to the whole SN-Turismo promotion strategy - digital marketing, FamTrips and participation in specialized fairs - associating nominees based on strategic criteria for its social relevance and involvement in the environment, culture, transport and tourism sector, to the greater objective of promoting SANICLAU TRAILS Nha Caminhe.


For this purpose, in each edition of the Meetup Trekking São Nicolau, an anchor event to promote hikes in São Nicolau, organized annually, the Association announces the appointment of AMBASSADORS SANICLAU TRAILS, through which it starts to award national people, companies, associations or entities or foreigners, who come to represent and promote the trekking of São Nicolau within the framework of their activities, supporting and disseminating the particularities and advantages of the destination, giving them an allusive diploma.