The video “Take your time” is Saniclau Trails way of moving you out of your confort zone and make you challenge yourself


The Campaign "Saniclau - take your time" is launched with a motivational message so that “the new normality” corresponds to a more balanced rhythm of life. The text and images included in the video allow us to fully evolve ourselves into a trekking experience on São Nicolau Island, passing through the contrasting trails, which lead us to green and fertile landscapes as in Cachaço next to Monte Cintinha or to coastal with unique beauty like Carberinho.

This new video was produced by a skilled and experienced team, which faced a great challenge: making us immerse deeply in São Nicolau island in just a few minutes. Meet the team:


Marco Lopes: Editor and Film-maker
Pedro Moita: Camera operator and director of photography
Soraia Deus: Copywriter e Voz-Off


1. You were actively involved in the making of the first Saniclau Trails video. What is the video main message?

SD- The message we intend to convey is that of promoting an island, where time moves to a different rhythm, to the rhythm of nature, culture, long mountain walks, long dives into the sea. In a world in which we all live almost always on the run, destinations like this are an increasingly sought after and valued trend. Having time, quality time is more than ever a necessity, and São Nicolau has this to offer us.



Photo credit: Marco Lopes


2.How did the inspiration for your story board come about?

SD- We have the advantage of knowing the island well and this helped to design the storyboard and select the locations and situations that best suited this creative concept. It was difficult to fit everything in a short video! We have also tried to go beyond the most obvious images that are well known to tour guides. We wanted a video with visual messages that were, in some way, disruptive. However, the drawn storyboard served only as a guiding model. In fact, during the capture of the image, director and director of photography let themselves be carried away by the spirit of the island and many of the best plans in the video were not even on the storyboard!

ML- I usually leave with a pre-established idea or concept, however the moment, the circumstance, the object or figure to be filmed determines how we capture its essence, so the immediacy and the spontaneous end up prevailing. In fact, our main concern was to find the aesthetic reference framework (Moodboard) to be used for this video, in terms of image composition, colors, textures, emotions, scene references, frames ... that imagined aesthetics and rhythm responded to the message we wanted to convey.



Photo credit: Marco Lopes


3. Were there any challenges to overcome during its realization?

ML- The biggest difficulty was trying to show in this video the maximum of plans, with rhythm, with transitions of places, colors, objects, timelapses, hyperlapses… So it was important for me to shoot in this way, almost always thinking about editing and editing. post production. That was the biggest challenge.

saniclau-trails-video       saniclau-trails-video

Photo credit: Pedro Moita and Marco Lopes


4. The video dazzles us with details of the island and breathtaking landscapes. For you, what was one of the most memorable moments in your performance?

PM- The image work for this film has become something memorable in itself. For many reasons. The sharing of aesthetic ideas and always thinking about the final realization made the team work very passionate and with huge goals to fulfill, during the trip to São Nicolau. When capturing images for a video like this, my eyes tend to show the purest beauty that the elements of nature give us. The mountains, next to Monte Cintinha, which are slowly covered with clouds; the screeching crash of waves on the rocks of Carberinho, rising high; the orange sunset in the sea of ​​Tarrafal, with a small fishing boat that passes in the foreground. Or even, the landing of a bee on a flower. They are simple images, without any technical adornment, that more easily transport the viewer to the uniqueness of this island.

ML- The most memorable moments were when the magic happened. Example of the butterfly's plan on the plant's leaf, which was not on the Storyboard but fits perfectly in the video's Moodboard.
Another moment was that of the timelapse at sunset, made after a very busy day and that we ended up contemplating what nature gives us.




5. Is this your first promotional video as a team?

PM- No. We have worked together for a number of years on promotional, advertising and documentary videos.

SD- No. We are all part of the Cape Verdean Image Agency team, the company responsible for producing and making this video. It is a company with 15 years of experience and permanent work in the areas of advertising, corporate communication, branded content and television programs.



Photo credit: Pedro Moita and Marco Lopes


6.What do you expect or want people to react to when watching this video?

ML- The promotional and tourist video of a certain region has become increasingly an indispensable Marketing tool. I would like it to have a mirror effect and for people to be enthusiastic about what is there, to see an audiovisual work.

SD- The main objective is to get people to want to get to know São Nicolau and thereby promote tourism on the island. We also hope that Sanicolaenses will see themselves in the video and that it will be a factor of pride and self-esteem for their island.

7.Would you like to share a few words with our followers?

SD- Visit São Nicolau, get involved in this island so rich in landscapes, culture, gastronomy, biodiversity. They go without a clock and want to explore every part of this territory that has a very special energy. I am sure you will be welcomed with open arms!

ML- Wonderful island, São Nicolau a complete island.



Photo credit: Marco Lopes


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