First Hiking Trail Network on São Nicolau island

Saniclau Trails is a hiking trail network perfect for hiking, trail running and mountain biking in São Nicolau, Cabo Verde archipelago. This network is about 200 kilometers long and is organized in four types of trails: main, connection, complementary and virtual.


The first three trails have distinct signposting, which allows the hiker to choose an interconnection and get to know different points of interest on the Island.

Saniclau Trails transformed into a tourist product “the act of walking - which on agricultural islands, like this one, was very important and if we analyze it well, it is the origin of several cultures, including the spiritual and religious culture”*.

Walking has always been a way of progress and development for those who walked miles away to cultivate their vegetable garden or even to sell their fish in the most populous areas.

This initiative makes possible to position São Nicolau Island as a Nature Tourism Destination, with the goal of promoting the tourist demand increase, in order to positively impact small businesses and the local economy, as a whole.

Officially launched in November of 2019, Saniclau Trails is the result of the “Caminhar Project”. This project has been carrying out several structuring actions around Nature Tourism on the Island of São Nicolau, such as: a survey, characterization and marking of various pedestrian routes and their points of interest; intervention in terms of craftsmanship through co-creation between local artisans and designers; training actions for trekking guides and kitchen professionals; and creation and development of the Saniclau Trails brand.

This initiative was a social bet by the Social Sustainability Fund for Tourism - Cabo Verde and Luxembourg Cooperation, now managed by SN Turismo - Association of Tour Operators of São Nicolau.


Take on adventure along the Saniclau Trails here!


Check out the work of SN Turismo - Association of Tour Operators of São Nicolau.



* excerpt from the genesis and history of our trails, described by the Cabo Verde Republic President, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, on the occasion of the opening of the 1st edition of Meetup Trekking São Nicolau - hiking festival, organized annually by SN Turismo.